Why we made the move...


Yesterday I turned 31. It was a good day. Three weeks ago we made the move to Byron to finally begin a life aligned with our true core purpose and desires. 

The world is a lot nosier now and a lot faster - we want a life for the kids that is slower, where they can give and experience love. Love and speed are a bit incompatible. This choice supports and nourishes the slowing down and the strong impression of love.

This doesn’t mean we don’t work, or we live without effort. In fact it’s the opposite. We have just made the choice to expand the joy in our life by regularly blocking time to engage in those activities we love, with the people we love most. Making my “hobbie job” my life’s purpose and secretly pollinating my family. I often describe the feeling of being a Yoga Teacher as the simple feels of Christmas morning every time I teach...”it feels like Christmas” ... the gift of giving. 

Of course I wake and have days where I doubt myself. I’m not qualified for this, I don’t understand. This is for mature “enlightened” people. The workings of the yoga world are far beyond me, deeper and more complex and more evolved than I could possibly get a handle on.

But as long as I am thoughtful, honest, sincere, passionate and stand in my own truth and I try to stay within my boundaries, intellectually, physically and artistically ... I remind myself how could this be anything but my very own story - and that is the gift I have to give.

Join us in Byron Bay for our September Retreat

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