Its Time To MOVE

What Is Movement Training?


Movement training is exactly what our bodies have evolved to do.

In an ideal world we would still be moving just as much today as you did growing up. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have this time or freedom in our life and as a result accompanied by a lack of dietary information and change in living habits our bodies evolution has stopped and even reversed.

At H.E.L.P we work on all the bodies natural attributes such as mobility, stability, agility, power, strength, speed and endurance. Through movements such as crawling, running, jumping, balancing, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching and even transporting. Which mind you … are all basic human movement in which a massive portion of society have lost the ability to do.

We take these movements, as well as other techniques and create a practice that will evolve body and mind creating a well balanced capable human.

It’s completely adaptable to real-life scenarios and transferable to every moment in your day. Whether that is sitting at work, surfing, hiking or playing with your kids, you may start to look at the world and how your moving through it a little differently? Maybe more child-like and testing your reawakened ability to move? You begin to explore and enjoy the world through natural movement and noticing a sense of freedom in the body and no longer feeling trapped by its restrictions.

We are about longevity of movement.There is a fine line between training for performance and obtaining an injury, athletes dance along this line and are happy to do so because they get paid and it’s apart of their job. But we as everyday human’s can’t afford a major injury that could change your life or restrict your movement long term. So here at H.E.L.P have created an environment where you can progress safely at your own pass, knowing there is no comparison to others – we are all at different stages of our life and journey with movement.

We believe most people train to improve their quality of life. There is no better way to do so than by increasing your ability to move capably through any obstacle a day throws at you.

Movement Is A Gift. USE IT.

Written By Josh Cordoba. H.E.L.P Movement Coach 

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