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who can apply?

Anyone! if you love our workshops and retreats and enjoy connecting with your community, we invite you to be part of our H.E.L.P Affiliates Program. We offer this opportunity to all our H.E.L.Pers  to share the abundance and empower each of you with the opportunity to become an influencer and entrepreneur.

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refer & earn

As a H.E.L.P Affiliate , you’ll earn cash back commission on every order purchased through your referral link!

Once you have your referral link, there are dozens of ways to put it to work for you.

you can:

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our intention

H.E.L.P's Affiliates Program was created with a benevolent and conscientious approach in the effort to create a like minded community to educate, share and connect with each other.

It is a conscious global platform for all types of physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment; this is a space to connect with one another, to inspire each other and to help each of us manifest our dreams.

The platform has been designed to foster a spirit of collaboration between Affiliates, Potential Clients and H.E.L.P in order to grow mutually beneficial and prosperous relationships.

We support a life of adventure and wellbeing by providing members with the ability to earn extra income doing what they love. Together, we are a platform of people which share meaningful experiences further our collective mission through retreats, workshops, masterclasses and yoga teacher training.

We are here now to unlock the knowledge that lives inside us. We are taking our lives into our own hands. We are creating the futures we want, actively progressing in mind, body and spirit.




So often we underestimate what we’re capable of. We think that one person alone can’t make a big enough difference so why try. Then many of us don’t so much as lift a finger. If everyone thought that way, nothing meaningful would ever happen.

You are not the only one who believes what you believe....

As soon as you decide to take your dream or belief or idea seriously, you’ll start to notice there are others who believe the same. They were just waiting for someone to lead them. Once that person stands up, the support can be be massively powerful. When people join together with similar beliefs, be it about health, government, education, you name it, magic starts to happen.

But it starts with the belief that you, your idea, can have an impact. That belief is what will get you to start. It’s what will allow you to attract your first follower. It’s what will give you the courage to pour your soul into something that matters.

your impact

Our business is built on the principle that when our customers succeed, we also succeed as a brand. Having the H.E.L.P Affiliates Program allows us to reward those who spread the H.E.L.P love. By joining the movement, you’re enabling H.E.L.P to innovate and increase our impact. We’re constantly coming up with new, better ways to make engaging Experiences, Retreats and Trainings that furthers our collective mission.