Katie is a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness specialist and MovNat Coach sporting over 10 years experience within the Health and Fitness industry and seven years as a Sports & Fitness TAFE Teacher. She has an abyss of knowledge all things health and well-being.

Katie has a natural ability to educate and motivate people in a group and one on one, to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. It wasn’t until Katie was invited to join multiple world record holder endurance runner Pat Farmer’s team as Crew and Logistic Manager as well as his trusted Trainer that she truly discovered the limitless capabilities of the human mind and body.

Katie joined Pat as Crew Manager and Trainer in 2011 as they trekked from the North Pole to the South Pole. Running two marathons every day, for almost a year, over 20,000kms through 14 countries and raised $100 million for the International Red Cross. She went on to join him in 2014 completing the 20 Day Peace Run from Lebanon to Jordan, Israel and Palestine. In Katie’s most recent venture she was joined by fellow H.E.M. Coach Josh Cordoba as part of the support crew in 2016 on the Spirit of India Run to complete over 4600km in 64 days, beginning in Kanyakumari in the south to a summit of the Himalayan Mountains.

With seven years as a valued and proud Sports and Fitness Teacher Katie provides a broad knowledge of Personal Training experience and skills to help educate and share her passion for anatomy and physiology. Her abundance of anatomical wisdom is intelligently transferred into her movement coaching methodology, guiding you not only to perform correct technique in a practical setting but equally optimise your own practice through exploring movement with intention and building on your capabilities. Katie will test your boundaries and expand your perspective of natural movement, aiming for efficiency in all aspects of life.