Co-Creator + Coach at H.E.L.P


Josh is a certified 500 hour Yoga and MovNat Coach, as well as a Certificate 3 and 4 Qualified Personal Trainer and Cross Fit Coach. Through schooling himself in many different fields, he has gained the knowledge and ability to develop an innovative approach to training known as Human Evolution Movement.

His mission is to continue to educate himself in all forms of training that make us feel good and keeps our bodies young, refreshed and able. He will continue to share with you all his discoveries along the way and hopes together we can all choose to evolve.

His most recent discovery was joining Wim Hof himself in Melbourne early 2017, to complete the Advanced Module of the WIM HOF METHOD. Josh is immensely passionate about the method and believes it may just well be the answer for everyone to become strong, happy and healthy.

Josh was fortunate to be a professional athlete for 10 years in the NRL. During his career he discovered an abundance of valuable information about his body, but not until he retired did he truly become aware of his body.

Many pro athletes may feel at the end of their career that their body is now destroyed – his was. As an athlete you devote so much time, effort and energy trying to keep your body at the elite level of performance and it takes a toll both mentally and physically. This was the point Josh found himself.

A change in lifestyle, training, and pure body awareness has led him towards an evolution of change. He now focuses on what makes his body and his mind feel nourished. Leaving his training sessions feeling refreshed, not worn.  He focuses on the small things – knowing the small gains have the greatest impacts.


At the end of Josh’s football career he had very limited mobility due to injury and bad training habits. These bad habits and injuries left him unable to do simple tasks such as a squat or a crawl.’l. He is now steadily regaining his body’s natural instinctual form and gradually discovering freedom in movement that his body and mind has never experienced before. The most rewarding discovery of all is to finally be able to painlessly play on the ground with his children, go for a jog, have sound sleep, roll out of bed with ease.

In Josh’s most recent venture he joined fellow H.E.L.P Coach Katie Walsh as part of the support crew in 2016 on the Spirit of India Run to complete over 4600km in 64 days, beginning in Kanyakumari in the south to a summit of the Himalayan Mountains, an entirely altruistic act raising funds and awareness for girls education in India.