Co-Creator + Coach at H.E.L.P


Casey is a voracious student of yogic theory and practice. Casey has studied and practiced under Everette Newell, Maty Ezraty, Kamini Desi, Duncan Peak, Keenan Crisp and Adam Whiting. Her thirst for knowledge of all things Yoga has created a teaching style that is powerfully energetic, challenging and authentically raw.

Whilst living in London Casey first discovered Yoga in 2013 when she walked in to Ferdinand Skoberla’s yoga class and finally felt a sense of belonging. Having always been interested in health and well being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, she struggled to find anything to passionately motivate her. Casey felt a connection to the health industry but never quite knew where she fit in. Known amongst friends for her lack of co-ordination and being completely un-athletic, finding yoga was her saving grace and from this Casey has developed a natural ability to relate and connect with her students.

She loves the creative freedom found in crafting an intelligently sequenced Hatha Vinyasa flow class and the blissful experience it brings. Casey has a boundless curiosity for the practice, and is constantly driven to explore - with over 950 hours of training under her belt. Since undertaking her 200 hour Teacher Training with Power Living Australia she has gone on to train under the masterful Maty Ezraty at BodyMindLife in 2015 and also gained an additional 200 hour and the Advanced Intensive 500 hour Teacher Training with Zuna Yoga whilst residing in Ubud Bali. Upon returning home to Australia she was once again allured back to Power Living Australia to complete an additional 75 hours of Yin Yoga training. Casey is also a passionate Kid’s Yoga Teacher, completing her Yoga for Kids with Beth Borowsky at BodyMindLife.

In the midst of all her training, the therapeutic power of Yoga Nidra ignited her thirst to explore the technique at a deeper level so in 2017 she moved onto complete the Advanced Yoga Nidra Certificate with Amrit Yoga School in Florida USA. Yoga Nidra has guided her through a deep personal transformation allowing her to loosen her grip on life and ultimately discover where her true passion lies - teaching Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Keeping diversity within her practice Casey’s most recent exploration was joining Wim Hof himself in Melbourne early 2017, to complete the Advanced Module of the WIM HOF METHOD. Casey is immensely passionate about the method and believes it may just well be the answer to becoming stronger, happier and healthier.

Yoga has radically shifted Casey’s life and as such she considers Yoga to be her best teacher. Being a mother of two children and a busy small business owner for several years Casey sometimes felt completely overwhelmed with life. She credits her journey with yoga with alleviating the sometimes debilitating symptoms of her battle with anxiety. Through her own journey, Casey has also come to realise how much our thoughts and beliefs can hold us back and restrict us from finding and exploring our full potential. It’s with this that she encourages her students to invite freedom and non-judgement on and off their mat. She owes much of her self beliefs to one of her most influential teachers Malaika Dos Remedios whom once kicked her up the arse and told Casey to believe in herself and stop saying “I can’t”.

She wants to remind everyone that peaceful ease and grace are the natural inherent state and her hope is to share this transformational practice with as many students as possible and to share H.E.L.P with the world.